Draft a will for your group’s client from last Sunday’s will interviews, using Formbuilder on Westlaw.Follow the directions we went over in class. Triple check the spelling of names.

Complete the Consumer Law Exercise (on dropbox). For this one assignment, please print out the exercise and fill in the blanks by handwriting the answers. The best way to find these answers is to go to the Houston Bar Association website and use the Consumer Law Handbook that is available there.

Draft the Contracts Memo, using the directions and format on the class dropbox.

Complete the Investigation Exercise 1, on the class dropbox.

Complete at least one Field Work assignment during this week.

Prepare your oral report, as assigned.

Read the Mock Trial. Read it carefully. Take some notes. Starting this next weekend, every test may have mock trial questions included.

For next weekend, you may want to print out the Litigation, ADR, Legal Research, Legal Writing, and Discovery power points.


                                               I do not accept homework electronically. 

All homework must be typed using Times New Roman font, 12 point size. 

Homework turned in after the start of the test on the day it is due is subject to a ten-point deduction per class day. 

Homework may not be turned in more than one week late.