Prepare your last oral report, as assigned.

Answer the O’Connor’s Exercise 4, found on the dropbox.

Complete the Ordinance Exercise. Format for the answer: Houston Code of Ord. §67-13.

Prepare the Westlaw Other States exercise, found on the dropbox.

Answer the Westlaw RBG Edition, found on the dropbox.

Draft an Intake Memo, based on your interview with the potential client. Be sure to cite the law involved.

Mock Trial: Mock Trial Motion. Using ProDoc, draft the motion you were assigned. Make sure that you print out an order, if there is one available for your motion.

For next week, you may want to print out the — nothing! You’re all done with power points.


                                               I do not accept homework electronically. 

All homework must be typed using Times New Roman font, 12 point size. 

Homework turned in after the start of the test on the day it is due is subject to a ten-point deduction per class day. 

Homework may not be turned in more than one week late.