Prepare your second oral report, as directed.

Complete the Westlaw First Assignment, found on the dropbox.

Answer the O’Connor’s One assignment, found on the dropbox.

Answer the Investigation 2 Exercise.  Same rules as the first Investigation Exercise. No communication about it, except with me.

Brief the case of Lawrence v Texas 539 U.S. 558 (2003), using the format from the Legal Writing power point. Headings must be in bold. Make sure that your issue is in the form of a question, and that it references the state statute and the specific part of the Constitution. I’d like you to figure out the issue on your own, but I know that most of you will just google it. I am looking for ONE issue. Make sure the holding answers the issue question. Go in-depth with the reasoning section. No quotes. Tell me the reasoning in your words.

Mock Trial: Draft your pleading, using FormBuilder.  Check your notes and follow the directions given in class. If you’re doing the petition, make sure you look up the correct kind of court. It’s in the mock trial.

For the cause of action section in the petition, state the specific tort, give the definition of it, and say that the defendant committed the tort.

If you’re doing the answer, be sure to use the cause and court numbers I provided. If you’re doing the answer, don’t add any affirmative defenses or anything on that list. This will be a general denial.

Never use first names only in any legal document. Of course, your client has a driver’s license and a social security number. For the signature block, look up how many numbers should be in the Texas Bar Number, and you can use whatever numerals you want. Ask your opposing counsel for his/her last name. You will need that information going forward.

 For next week, you may want to print out the Paralegal Ethics, Administrative Agencies, Property, Evidence, Family Law, and Marriage Equality power points.


                                               I do not accept homework electronically. 

All homework must be typed using Times New Roman font, 12 point size. 

Homework turned in after the start of the test on the day it is due is subject to a ten-point deduction per class day. 

Homework may not be turned in more than one week late.